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My approach is action-oriented and positive. I emphasize personal strength and dignity. As a clinical psychologist, I specialize in the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders. In addition to a psychological evaluation, clinical interview, and possibly additional assessments, I evaluate whether a person has symptoms of a mood disorder such as Major Depression, Dysthymia, or Bipolar Disorder, or of an anxiety disorder such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder or Social Phobia. Treatment focuses on symptom relief and on increasing well-being. I utilize positive psychology exercises to identify and maximize one's personal strengths.

As a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Washington School of Medicine, I also supervise psychology and psychiatry residents. I treat individuals and couples in my office, which is located in a downtown high-rise to ensure maximum confidentiality, convenience, and comfort.

Please note that you are responsible for payment of service and for confirming that your insurance coverage is acceptable to you. Dr. Smith does not guarantee that you will be satisfied with your insurance coverage, which may be as little as $ 0.00, so please review your insurance and financial situation prior to your appointment.
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