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Consultation,  Therapy,  Counseling

Focus Areas:  Depression  and  Mood  Disturbances,  Anxiety,            Relationships,  Performance

I'm a licensed clinical psychologist in Seattle, Washington, providing therapy for anxiety and depression, as well as relationship assistance. I assess and treat individual adults and couples. Contact my office for an appointment. Or, book online at: https://www.patientfusion.com/.
Evaluation & Diagnosis
In addition to a psychological evaluation, clinical interview, and additional assessments as needed, I evaluate whether a person has symptoms of a mood disorder such as major depression, dysthymia, or bipolar disorder, or of an anxiety disorder, such as generalized anxiety or social phobia. As a
cognitive-behavioral therapist, I help you make changes to improve your thinking, mood, behavior, and well-being.  Treatment focuses on symptom relief and on increasing general well-being. I utilize positive psychology exercises to identify and maximize one's personal strengths.
Weight Loss & Obesity Issues
I also have training and expertise in the treatment of general behavioral medicine issues including obesity and weight loss.   

The Process
After discussing the reason for the initial appointment, a thorough assessment (and possible testing) provides additional context and reveals nuances that are unique to each person. Therapy follows an individualized treatment plan to address the original concerns, as well as those that might be raised through further discussion.

I treat individuals and couples in my office, which is located in a downtown high-rise to ensure maximum confidentiality, convenience, and comfort. Receive a free introductory consultation over the phone or in person.


Call my office or send an email to arrange an appointment. 






Lawrence W. Smith, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist (888) 892-9478

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